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Valkyre Chronicles...

An ongoing series of informational entries

Starting year 3 in business...

February 24th 2019

We have made it to our third year in business.  Learning a lot along the way, we continue to grow as a company. When doing business in a small town the best advertisement is word of mouth.  For the longest time we where known more nationally and around the world with our multi-media presence. So with that in mind  we have been really active in the community and work hard to provide excellent customer service.  All the hard work is starting to pay off.   This has been the busiest winter since we started.  A big thank you goes out to the folks in NE Nevada that support us! -Mark & Kelly


February 24th 2019

Last year was the first time we attended the Gambler500 in Oregon. Needless to say it was an absolute blast, and we met some really great people!  So on that note I fell in love with this car.  Its a 1991 Caprice Classic on 33's and enough off road lighting to light up a small town.  Finally in December I pulled the trigger and committed to getting it.  So, we now have a  cool machine that will be seen at events that we are attending.   It will have some custom work in the future, so stay tuned for updates.  -Mark

New Sponsee.... Woohoo

March 20th 2019

New Spray Booth...

March 31st 2019

Tomorrow we will have our new spray booth in for powder & cerakoting.  Super excited to get this installed in our shop.  Big thanks to The Fab Shop in Minnesota.  Love their equipment!



March 31st 2019

We are one of the primary sponsors for the 2nd Annual Ride for the Racks poker run.  This is a a great fund raiser to help promote breast cancer awareness.  Come see us at the "Watering Hole" in Spring Creek, NV May 4th.  - Kelly

New Loyalty Program

April 1st 2019

No April Fools here...   For all our current customers, for every referral that ends up being a job we will give you 50.00 off your next project.  This will go to a maximum of 200.00 credit to you.  That is a win win in my book!  - Mark

Team Outcast

April 10th 2019

Had a great weekend in Sacramento 

California.  Super excited to not only be a sponsor, but now a crew member! It was a surreal moment to be in the pits,working on the car and being at the starting line!  As a business we are looking forward to great things in 2019.  Thank you to our customers and friends along the way that have supported us.  We are humbled 😉🤙🏻

Spray Booth Update

April 9th, 2019

Happy to have our new booth in operation.   The old booth made it three years, built from scratch.   I was time to replace the old with the new. Thanks to the Fab Shop for doing a nice job building it for us. 

Las Vegas Business trip

April 12-15th, 2019

Had a great road trip down to Vegas for the weekend. Meet really great folks and made some new business contacts as well.   Had to tag the one of the most iconic signs in Nevada. 

Gambler 500 Wheel Give a Way

April 22th, 2019

So we got a little behind schedule for giving these wheels away.   So these are now on tract to getting these to a new  owner later this week.  We are super excited to be part of this years Gambler 500.  

The Frog 2 Project

April 25th, 2019

We got the pleasure to do some custom work on the Frog 2 Project from Tennessee.   Thanks to Johnny @Dungeonworks garage / @Johnny_theCelt